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Australians love food, and their “fusion” dishes have gained international recognition. While traveling in Australia, you will no doubt come across some Australian food.

Since colonization, Australian cooking has been influenced by English and northern European culinary styles.

Italian restaurants are popular on Lygon Street and Norton Street, both in Melbourne and Sydney. Lonsdale Street in Melbourne is home to the largest Greek population outside of Greece.

In the 1970s, a number of Asian cuisines, including Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisines, as well as influences from southern Europe and the Middle East, such as Spanish, Balkan, and Hungarian cuisines, as well as Turkish and Lebanese, began to influence Australian cuisine.

Many Australians, Aboriginal or not, enjoy native foods such as kangaroo, crocodiles, and emus. These meats tend to be high in protein and low in fat. They also contain a lot of fiber.

Australian cuisine is a unique blend of healthy food and fattening desserts. Some foreign cuisines, including British, Italian, Greek, and Asian, have heavily influenced it. Australian wine is well-known around the globe.

Australia’s Food & Drink Experiences

Fresh Sea Food

Australia is spoilt for choice when it comes to seafood. The freshest seafood is found in Australia’s waterways, from abalone to oysters.

Gourmet Winery

Australia has been producing wine since the 1840s. Australia’s winemaking industry is vibrant today. Enjoy chardonnays, shirazs, Semillons, and more in beautiful settings.

Enjoy a spectacular dining experience.

In Australia, the emphasis is on using fresh ingredients in creative ways. You’re sure to have a memorable meal because of the variety of cuisines.

Local Eats

Australian cuisine is full of delicious dishes, from “smashed avocado” to meat pies. Enjoy a Sunday brunch or a snack of seafood on the beach.

Native Ingredients Tryouts

Indigenous Australian plants, animals, and foods have been used by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples for thousands of years.

Blend in the Latest Trends

It’s no surprise that Australians love to eat, and new food experiences are always emerging. This list is not limited to cute cocktails, sustainable food menus, or pop-up picnics.

Night Cuisine Life

Australia has a vibrant nightlife, from nightclubs to evening operas. Find a cozy place at an urban winery, or enjoy a rooftop bar with drinks and delicacies.


Australian Foods You Must Try

Fish & Chips

You can count on getting a beautiful, fresh fish battered with sizzling chips. Australia produces some of the finest seafood in the entire world.

In Australia, fish and chips are prepared to perfection. You can always get a fresh and delicious piece of fish in Australia, as the country is surrounded by water.

Meat Pies

This Australian dish is extraordinary. The most popular quick snack is pies. You can find them in almost any corner store, supermarket, or bakery.

Even high-quality pie shops exist! There are many types of savory pie available in Australia. They are usually filled with minced beef, gravy mus, mushrooms, onions, and cheese.

It’s a great snack after a night of drinking and dancing. After a night of drinking and dancing, you end the evening with a meat pie in your hand as you wait for your taxi.

Chicken Parma

Most pubs in Australia serve this popular Australian chicken dish. Parmigiana was originally made with eggplant and later evolved into the beloved breaded chicken we all love.

Parma nights are offered by many bars. You can enjoy a delicious chicken parma with a beer at a very reasonable price. A chicken parma consists of a chicken schnitzel with tomato sauce, melted cheese, and breadcrumbs.


You can’t go to an Australian party, whether it is a Christmas, birthday, or summer celebration, without seeing a pavlova on the buffet.

Pavlova, Australia’s national sweet, is made of crunchy meringue with a soft center, whipped crème, and mountains of fresh fruit. Even better, pour some passionfruit juice over the top before serving.


Vegemite is a product that can be found in many Australian kitchens. It can be either loved or hated. Vegemite is a dark brown paste made by mixing various vegetables, yeast extract, and spice additives.

The company realized that some people didn’t like it. Most commonly, it is eaten with butter on bread or toast. Australians also eat it with avocado, tomato, and melted cheese.


The barbecue is the essence of Australian culture, and it wouldn’t be complete without a sausage. BBQ snag is always wrapped in white bread with fried onions and topped with sauce.

Australians will barbecue anywhere. Local councils offer public barbecues at popular tourist destinations like beaches.


The “National Cake of Australia” is often referred to as a square-shaped, chocolate-covered sponge cake dusted with desiccated Coconut. The perfect afternoon snack, Lamingtons are available at all reputable cafes and bakeries.


Although tourists often take pictures of kangaroos, this animal is a common meat that can be found in grocery stores and local restaurants. Kangaroo meat is lean and healthy. It can be used in many dishes, including steaks and burgers.

Cheese & Bacon Roll

They’re delicious and simple. You can find cheese and bacon rolls in supermarkets or bakeries. They are great for a quick lunch or snack. The best of simplicity: bacon and cheese are placed on white bread rolls, then grilled.

Aussie Burger

You can buy a burger almost anywhere on the planet, but for a hearty Australian meal, try one that has all the fillings.

If you don’t like the standard tomato, lettuce, and onion, then try some of our other favorite fillings, such as pineapple, pickled red beets, or a fried yolk.

Australian Drinks You Must Try

Ginger Beer

Ginger beer is one of the most popular Australian beverages. Brewing the beverage is done using only the most basic methods. It would be best if you tried some ginger beer before leaving Australia, the country where it originated.

You can mix it up with other drinks or cocktails if you want to be daring.

Aussie Local Craft Beer

Did you know Australia is ranked second in the world when it comes to beer consumption? A recent study found that each Australian can drink 304 beers per year. Australia would be the world’s largest beer consumer if it weren’t for the Czechs, who consume 419 gallons per person each year.

It’s not a good idea to skip the beer when you visit Australia. Fosters is one of the most popular brands in Australia. It is easy to find a bottle because they are so common in Australia.

There is an endless list, which includes Tooheys (the oldest brewery still in operation), Carlton Draught (the second oldest), Coopers, Boags Cascade, Hahn, James Squire Victoria Bitter Emu Export, and Little Creatures. Their craft beer has a strength of around 5%.

Red Wine

Australia’s wine has never had a better international reputation, thanks to its abundance of wine regions located outside of Australia’s major capital cities. With 750 million liters of wine exported annually, Australia is the fourth largest wine exporter worldwide.

It is easy to find a great red wine due to the large number of local retailers, producers, and growers. Shiraz is a flavorful, fiery red wine that will keep you relaxed. Shiraz is a wine that no one can resist. You can expect to smell spices and dark fruit.

You will understand why Cabernet Sauvignon is called the “King Red Wine” after taking a sip. A large glass of Cabernet is the perfect red wine for slurping down with a spicy piece of red meat.

Espresso Martini

The beverage may be Australian, but you’ll love it as soon as you try it. The cocktail has a coffee flavor and is made from premium coffee beans with vodka and chocolate. If you want to enjoy the coffee-flavored vodka without ice, drink it straight.

Espresso martinis are not the best choice for a restful night of sleep. It would be best if you never missed out on the chance to order at the most popular Australian cocktail bars.

To Conclude

We’ve put together a list of the best Australian food and drinks you should try.

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