‘Best prawn season since the 70s’: 10 recipes to make the most of Australia’s low prices

There are some silver linings to the floods and heavy rains that have devastated the eastern and northern regions of Australia in the past year. However, nature’s bounty might be among them. The price of prawns is down to half in the last few days since Christmas.

This year’s prawn season is “the best season since the 70s” according the Ben Hale, manager of the Love Australia Prawns campaign.

King-sized prawns that are large are easily accessible at less than $25 per kilogram.

A number of factors have resulted in the growth of the crustacean population, and the consequent surplus of Prawns on the market.

“We have had fantastic rains in parts of Australia that have created generation conditions for a real bountiful harvest of banana prawns,” Hale states.

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To top it all off, there’s more king prawns sourced from the wild-catch sector that is growing as well as the plan to expand the prawn farms in Queensland.

“It just means you can indulge in good-quality seafood,” Hale declared. “It’s greatly affordable on a cost per serve basis.”

He highlights how versatile Prawns are in the kitchen. Banana Prawns are sweet and gentle King prawns, on the other hand, have a an intense flavor.

So here are 10 dishes to get the most out of these.

Small bites

Prawn and mayo-yuzu blinis (pictured in the above photo) The recipe is from Ravinder Bhogal makes these mini-pancakes by adding prawns chilli, salmon roe, and a zingy yuzu to help cut through the rich, sweet flavors.

Gambas in Ajillo The ajillo is a type of HTML0. These prawns that are garlicky simmering and swimming in oil are among the best in Spanish tapas. They’re also among the easiest to prepare, according to Felicity Cloake.

Coconut spiciness Prawns –For an enticing bite, Jo Pratt marinates prawns in a spicy sauce comprising chilli powder, turmeric ginger, cumin, cumin garlic, and coconut prior fritting and serving with lime juice.

Prawns from the school served with Sriracha mayonnaise –Chin Chin’s school prawns are delicious snacks that can be cooked, dipped in sauces and enjoyed with a spoonful.

Prawn Taquitos (HTML0) –Relaxed and casual Taquitos are tortillas that are rolled and filled with cheeses, meats or seafood, and then deep-fried or baked. Yotam Ottolenghi is a fan of shrimp filling made of chilli oil, corn herb, lime and tomato.

The most popular attractions

Prawns seared served with hot and sour dressing(pictured in the above photo) The recipe is influenced by the hot and spicy Vietnamese sauces for dipping, Lara Lee marinades prawns in ginger, garlic and fish sauce. They are served with a stir-fry made of vegetables and noodles.

Tagliolini made with shrimp and tomato roasted Tagliolini with prawns and roasted cherry tomatoesEither homemade or purchased pasta is suitable for Silvia Colloca’s tagliolini recipe. The pasta serves as a channel for the intense flavours of the tomato, herb and plump prawns.

Prawn tagine with peas, potatoes and prawns Tagine of potato, pea and prawnsFresh potatoes as well as prawns and peas can be transformed into a summery, delicious dish by Middle Eastern spices in Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich’s Tagine.

Prawn curry made with the tamarind Prawn curry with tamarindTangy tamarind, spicy roasted chillies, and a sweet coconut milk sauce combine to create a delicious shrimp curry with rice in celebration of northern Sri Lanka. Cynthia Shanmugalingam suggests leaving the prawns as they are -shells heads, shells and the entire prawn.

Ceviche with blood oranges and Prawns –After having soaked the prawns for a night in a lime and orange juice marinade Nigel Slater tops his ceviche the next day with samphire raw carrots, cucumber or mangetout that has been shredded – whatever will give the dish fresh, crisp bite.

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