Bizarre Manicure Uses Food And Drinks To Create Nail Art, Internet Is Appalled

The art of cooking food is no more than an art. From the presentation to the final tasting stage requires imagination and attention to detail. But do you think of using food to make art? A group of nail artists has created something unique with food and use it in their artistic process. Their love of food and drinks has resulted in the creation of an individual and fascinating nail art. You won’t believe it, but they’ve put drinks and food bits onto models’ nail polishes, and the hilarious video has shocked the world.

The first one appeared to have pieces of Pita bread paste on top of the coriander leaf. The second one was sprayed with sugar granules. The third nail had toast that was glued to it. The fourth nail had a tiny tumbler that could pour small amounts of beverages! The video revealed what the nails did to put bread into bowls of broth.

The bizarre and disgusting nail art created a storm of comments via social networks. Some users made strongly worded comments on the video. “Can you all just eat your food and not put them all your nails,” wrote one user, while another wrote, “Don’t waste food please and this is disgusting!”

While others have remained calm about the video and didn’t think they needed to respond with a ferocious stance. “Obviously, it’s not meant to be taken seriously but people in the comments always seem so bothered by these types of posts!”

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