Destination activations

Heineken’s “A ‘Dam Fresh Heineken” campaign, which highlights the brand’s roots and uses innovative travel data as well as chatbots in Facebook Messenger to cement its status as the “original beer from Amsterdam,” aims to reinforce the brand’s position.

Heineken worked together with DDB & Tribal Amsterdam in order to target young men who had just booked a trip. The campaign used travel data from airlines and hotels to identify its target audience. Banner ads were then used to encourage people to participate in the campaign.

Due to the fact that a Heineken beer takes 28 days to brew before it is ready for consumption, travelers received photos and regular updates about their customized beer via Facebook Messenger over the 28 days prior to their visit. The Facebook chatbot allowed participants to ask questions about the brewing processes, and the bot would then ask them about their plans for Amsterdam. The beer was ready for them at the Heineken Brewery upon arrival. It included their name, flight information, and a map of Amsterdam.

The Legoland theme parks in Florida created an app with the agency VML as another example of personalized activation. This app was designed to enhance the travel to the park. The app provided a route map to the park that featured 60 points of interest, all woven together into a Lego adventure story. This year, the campaign won multiple awards at the Cannes Lions. It was also recognized in a category that acknowledges activations by location.

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Large brands face an uphill struggle when it comes time to reach travelers, as consumers are looking for authenticity and local connections. Heineken’s campaign was able to integrate the brand within a narrative specific to Amsterdam and help consumers discover the city.

As brands try to appeal to millennials, who value experiences more than goods, we can expect to see more campaigns targeting travelers by destination.

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