‘Eat with your hands’: Guardian readers share their instant noodle serving suggestions

The discussion about instant noodles can be more spicy than a serving from Shin Ramyun. Chefs have shared their quick noodle tips that included suggestions of the crustacean; all you need to do is add prawns and be imprisoned – check out the prison burrito type: Guardian readers have come to the table with their suggestions as well as recipes and suggestions for serving.

From a packet of squiggled, dehydrated, cost-effective and convenient carbohydrates is a myriad of possibilities.

A word of caution

There were some wise tips from RobertFX who advised users not to underestimate the power that comes with Korean instant noodles. “Even if they say ‘mild’ they probably will be spicy,” they advised new noodles to begin with only half that powder blend.

For cooking times it is recommended to take these with a pinch of salt. “Packet instructions are only a rough guide, as soon as they turn translucent they are ready.”

Simply add Sauce (and spice)

Soy sauce and sesame oil were popular readers’ condiments of choice. Other variations of a chilli-based theme included sriracha Rayu – an Japanese chilli oil along with sweet chilli sauce.

Lunch is served most days. reader ElleWoods recommends noodles with tofu, broccoli and a homemade sauce that includes Tahini, a sweet Sauce made from soy, and sweet chilli. “If I’m feeling exotic I’ll grate in some ginger,” they wrote. They say the combination has the potential to be “magic”.

For reader PellicanoSolitudinis, instant noodles are an excellent school lunch. “I buy the multi-packs of unflavoured instant noodle blocks … and put them in Thermos flasks with my own flavourings – a spoon of miso, a bit [of] ginger/garlic/chilli paste, some dried vegie pieces or seaweed, some snipped-up herbs.” In the lunch hour, children older enough to be able to trust with hot liquids can fill their flasks up with boiling water and enjoy a quick hot lunch.

Butter can make it more delicious

If you didn’t catch Nigella Lawson’s post about peanut butter, it’s an absolute revelation. As per Saolsdad, a reader, it is worthy to be incorporated into your instant noodles to create delicious, savoury and creamy results.

Mantecare, if it is the Italian method of whipping risotto through butter, then what’s the proper term to add a pat of butter into your quick noodles? Maggi-beurre? Buldak Yellow? No matter what it’s name is, there’s a commenter Not_Always_A_Moron behind the suggestion of completing the instant noodles by adding a knob butter, and “a drizzle of toasted sesame oil and a tin of sardines or mackerel”.

The noodle’s butty

Instant noodles have one disadvantage: they need cutting boards. Sometimes, they even require an entire bowl. Commenter MadriMaraff is free of eating tools by turning cooked noodles, curry-flavored, into an ingredient for sandwiches. It’s a twist on the chip butties of old. The text reads: “Take two thick-cut slices of white bread that are fresh. Spread them out with butter. Then, fork the instant noodles onto one slice then place the other slice on the top. Enjoy the noodles with your hands.”

Then, we’ll go on to something totally different

In a flash of brilliance that was accidental and with hints of mole – mole – the Mexican chilli chocolate sauce – reader LucyLuc remembered a recent food mishap. “I got my sachets muddled up once and added instant hot chocolate to my bowl of spiced noodles,” they wrote. “They were pretty good actually.”

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