Emotional wellbeing diets

Emotions are always linked to food, but snacks can be used in a targeted and conscious way to alter how a person feels. According to the annual State of Snacking Report by Mondelez International, released in January of this year, 80% of consumers around the world look to snack foods to improve their mental health. Innovative companies are launching products to meet consumers’ emotional needs.

MyAir, an Israeli food technology company, launched its snack bars in January 2022. They promise to reduce stress levels for consumers. Buyers take a quiz before purchasing to determine their stress type and level. They are then given a customized snack bar regimen. The bars contain plants such as ginseng cra, berries, and passion flowers. They are also color-coded, with names like Focused Yellow or Calm Green.

Unwind, a company based in Ireland launched snack bars that promote relaxation and calmness at the end of each day. Unwind Bars, which are meant to be consumed as a snack before bed, contain chamomile and Montmorency cherries, along with l-theanine, to help promote better sleep. Unwind also has a series of content called Relax Hacks that includes yoga, meditation, and even stories about rest to help users wind down.

Smpl, a US-based company, released its mood-enhancing snacks in 2021. The Energy Bar, Focus Bar, Immunity Bar, and Calm Bar snack bars are made with ingredients such as elderberry and lemon balm extract.

Emotional eating is a growing trend. According to Aishachottani of Moment, the founder of a functional drink company, “Now there is this dialog that I feel will prompt people to begin incorporating more functional [ingredients] into their diets.” With people looking for snack products to boost their mood, brands are working to enhance their emotional benefits.

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