health benefits that show why coffee is the best!

While it’s primarily consumed due to its caffeine content, coffee can provide a variety of health benefits, especially when you prefer it in black! A daily cup of coffee (in a moderate amount) can benefit your health in everything from your teeth to your liver and also helps keep you safe from a variety of ailments.

It helps prevent tooth decay! This Indian study discovered it is true that coffee with black beans aids in stopping people from developing cavities! Researchers believe that this is due to antioxidants found in the coffee help to remove sugars from your mouth so that cavity-causing bacteria don’t have the chance to develop. This benefit was wiped out, however, when you put milk or sugar into the coffee, and then, as a result, both increase the chance of developing cavities.

It decreases your risk of getting colorectal cancer!
American scientists have discovered that drinking coffee can reduce the chance of getting colorectal cancer by approximately 28%. The more you drink coffee, the more beneficial it is! The reason for this is due to the antioxidants found in caffeine (even decaf coffee decreases the risk of cancer), which is evident regardless of what else you add to your coffee!



Coffee lowers the risk of cirrhosis in the liver!
Your risk of dying due to alcohol-related liver cirrhosis is lower if you consume at least two cups of coffee every day. The study examined a group comprised of Chinese Singaporeans (aged 45-74) over 15 years and discovered that those who consumed at least two cups of coffee each daily were 66% less likely to die of liver-related cirrhosis. A different study found that coffee consumption lowers the amount of liver enzymes (higher liver enzymes indicate impaired liver). In essence, this implies that coffee could be a small amount of a remedy for the harm alcohol causes to the liver!

It lessens the amount of discomfort you feel after exercising!
If you’re feeling an awful amount of pain throughout the morning after a tough exercise, a couple of cups of coffee may reduce the degree of pain! American scientists discovered that drinking two cups of coffee could ease the pain in muscles by 48% when muscles were electrically stimulated! Coffee does not just provide you with the energy needed to work out and feel better, but it also causes less pain afterward!



It’s useful for almost everything else!
In 2015, the US government released a diet report in which they advised that moderate consumption of coffee doesn’t cause long-term health problems and actually reduces your risk of having type 2 diabetes! The same report also claims that coffee can significantly lower the risk of developing heart disease and even helps to stop Parkinson’s disease! However, the health benefits are more difficult to determine when sugar and milk are added, and certain risk factors are heightened.

It’s that simple: the truth is coffee is the most magical drink! If you drink it with black tea and avoid drinking too much, the coffee you drink has a wide number of health benefits and is also one of the most effective items that can help you get through the day. Decaf coffee does provide some of these benefits. However, the majority of them are due to the caffeine that is in the coffee, since removal of caffeine removes lots of antioxidants and makes it difficult to wake up early in the morning!

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