Top 20 Aussie Food Blogs You Should Follow

Australians are awed by their food.

They are enthralled by eating it, gazing at it, and discussing it. This is why it’s so popular that every time you go on the internet, there’s a food blog.

How do you determine which ones are worth your time?

It all is contingent on what you’re looking for. Each blogger has something distinctive in terms of recipes, news about chefs to follow, guides to the most popular restaurants, healthy eating advice, and the latest trends in food, or a schedule of events for foodies.

We’ve analyzed a variety of food blogs and brought you our top picks. Look over the 20 bloggers who understand what’s happening at the table.

1. RecipeTin Eats

The author Nagi believes that anyone can cook delicious meals using common ingredients, even if you’re in a hurry and are budget-conscious. Her primary focus is fast dinners for busy nights and inventive, innovative, and fresh cooking. Recipe Tin Eats is filled with new take on the most popular shortcut recipes and (mostly) nutritious recipes that won’t break the bank.

2. Not Quite Nigella

With more than 250,000 unique visitors every month and seven thousand followers on Instagram, Not Quite Nigella is among the most popular and longest-running food blogs in the nation. The blog has been running full-time since 2009. Lorraine Elliott, a self-declared foodie and cake enthusiast, is a beautiful blogger who describes her blog using artistic images that will make your mouth water. The blog covers food as well as home-cooked recipes, and even travel. Elliott’s memoir, Not Quite Nigella, was published in April 2013 by Penguin Books in April 2013.

Take a look at this amazing collaboration we had with Not Just Nigella here.

3. My Korean Kitchen

My Korean Kitchen is the story of Sue’s passion for… Korean food and Korean Fusion food. It provides step-by-step instructions along with cultural discussions as well as reviews of restaurant and product reviews. It is so great to know that Saveur Magazine has named My Korean Kitchen as one of the 55 Great Food blogs.

4. Noodlies

The next step is Noodlies, The food lifestyle, life, and travel blog written by Thang Ngo. It’s a great place to find street food, hidden treasures, and authentic home-cooked food while focusing on the diverse and culturally rich food and the culture of Cabramatta, Sydney. A look around the site will reveal a vast knowledge of Vietnamese, Chinese, Cambodian, Thai, Lao, Iraqi, Lebanese, Italian, and Korean food.

5. How to Cook That

Ann is a certified dietetics and food science expert who is a fan of cooking really unhealthy desserts. Constantly jotting her most loved recipes down for others to read, she decided to blog in the year 2011 and then came up with the cookbook How To Cook This. It was a huge hit immediately. Ann continues to share her chocolate cake, cakes, dessert, macarons, dessert, as well as other recipes six years later.

6. The Hungry Australian

The Australian-born Chinese Christina guides readers on a voyage “in pursuit of a delicious life.” The Hungry Australian is known for its quick but delicious recipes and entertaining travel and dining reviews. The Hungry Australian has won numerous bloggers’ awards. In 2016, Apple asked The Hungry Australian to participate in their Australia campaign. The modern style is a joy to read.

7. Orgasmic Chef

Maureen Shaw will be the first to admit that she might never have received the most prestigious training or worked with famous chefs, but one thing she’s done is to cook some incredible meals repeatedly. Orgasmic Chef is dedicated to sharing dishes that are “better than sex,” and the majority of these Shaw has prepared herself (so you’ll know they’re effective) and have left an impression upon her visitors. In addition, every recipe is accompanied by sharp and humorous stories as well.

8. Stone Soup

If your idea of cooking is simple, delicious, and affordable, You’ll surely love Stone Soup. Since 2005, Stone Soup has been the concept by Jules Clancy, and she’s eager to make it easier for you to enjoy delicious home-cooked meals with just five ingredients. Stone Soup teaches you that dishes don’t have to be filled with a variety of (or costly) components to be delicious.

9. Bake Play Smile

Bake Play Smile is a feast for the eyes, particularly if you have some sweetness in your appetite and own a thermomix. A former teacher from primary school. Lucy is relatively new to food blogging. However, Bake Play Smile has quickly become one of Australia’s top food blogs. With brownie slices, cupcakes, cookies, cupcakes, dessert, chocolate sweet bread, muffins, and sweet bread recipes, why shouldn’t they be?

10. Miss Foodie

The Miss Foodie blog will take you on various food-related adventures. Its writer keeps you informed on the most popular food and drink events happening in Queensland’s Great South East, provides delicious dishes (like Rekorderlig Apple Guava Cider Doughnuts), and reviews the latest cafes as well as nightclubs, restaurants, and bars that are in the region.

11. Grab Your Fork

Get Your Fork has made its name in Sydney by examining some of the lesser-known restaurants. It is inspired by the travels of the uber-foodie Helen, who is the writer of the weekly Eat This! Column in Time Out Sydney, as well as being one of the Cheap Eats editors of The 2011 Eating and Drinking Sydneyguide, contributing to The Foodies’ Guide to Sydney, and much more. Helen is an advocate for sharing the best food in Sydney and focusing on cheap, tasty food within Sydney.

12. The World Loves Melbourne

World Loves Melbourne is an award-winning travel, food, and lifestyle blog that is the concept by David Hagger, a self-described “bald” man. With over 800 reviews of restaurants in Melbourne, David’s main goal is to highlight Melbourne as the most livable city in the world, together with their wife and their two kids. He also travels to the region of Victoria and has expanded the blog to more than forty countries. An accountant by trade, David’s enthusiasm for his job is evident in the blog’s pages, creating an entertaining food blog.

13. My Kitchen Stories

My Kitchen Stories is full of ideas, fascinating ingredients, tips, and recipes, as well as how-tos for fussy eaters and friends, quick solutions for dinner, and recipes specially created to nourish the gourmand soul inside. It’s also about travel because food and travel are frequently linked to its author, Tania Cusack. Cheese is another major attraction, considering that Tania was once employed by one of Australia’s most renowned cheese makers, creating recipes.

14. Not Enough Cinnamon

Not enough, Cinnamon’s mission is to guide women in their 20s and 30’s go on the path to better health and fitness as well as confidence in themselves. The aim is to assist women in becoming the most beautiful version of themselves through the right diet and active lifestyle. With hundreds of healthy eating recipes as well as fitness tips and healthy lifestyle tips, This is your one-stop shop for more health.

15. Cook Republic

Cook Republic belongs to Sneh, who is a professional Sydney Food Photographer, ELLE Australia food columnist, and the author of the cookbook Quick and Tasty Tasty Express (2014). The food Sneh enjoys most is simple, fresh, delicious, and created to be shared. Cook Republic is her way of sharing her passion through recipes, her diary, and beautiful food photography. Cook Republic makes memories one recipe at a time, and with her cookbook, a string of awards to her name, and a number of workshops that are pop-up and cooking classes, it’s not looking like Sneh will be leaving anytime soon.

16. Be Forever Healthier

Be Forever Healthy is her method of defying her cravings for Krispy Kreme donuts as well as other sweets. She takes her time searching for recipes that are healthy yet provide a tasteful kick and then makes them available for us to delight in. In addition, she shares her enthusiasm for living a natural lifestyle, examining products that are chemical-free for those who want a more natural and organic routine for their beauty as well as a healthy diet.

17. Love Swah

love Swah is an online blog that is dedicated to Swah’s greatest pleasures in life – baking, traveling, and design. Offering delicious dessert recipes and baking tips, customized travel guides, as well as savvy tutorials on composition, Love Swah is an online resource for ideas. It works with tourism boards, hotels, and airlines, as well as food brands and travel brands, and has been featured on Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, and Buzzfeed, among others; Swah is one of Sydney’s most well-known food bloggers.

18. Delicious Everyday

For those who love vegetarian cuisine, Delicious every day must be among the top food blogs there. Its focus is on delicious home-cooked meals created using whole, natural ingredients. Many of them are from Nicole’s garden. Nicole believes cooking is a magical experience. It is a chance to transform everyday ingredients into a truly amazing experience.

19. My Darling Lemon Thyme

Emma Galloway’s My Darling Lemon Thyme recounts a life dedicated to food. After working for eight years working as a chef, Emma started the blog in the year 2010 and went on to publish her very first cookbook. My Darling Lemon Thyme’s main focus is based on gluten-free, vegetarian recipes, tales, and tips about organic gardening. It’s about life, food, and a bit of gardening sprinkled in.

20. Sugar et al.

Sugar and Co. is Sonali’s space to share her love of foods (mainly sweet) as well as photography, colors, and everything artistic and beautiful. Simple, easy, delicious food is encouraged, and lovely food is a thing to be loved. Balance is the key to making the calories go to what’s crucial – desserts that are tall, dramatic, rich sauces that are dripping, carrying different textures, spiced up, and packed with exotic flavors.

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