3 best places to eat for less in Florida

No matter how much you’ve paid for your travels and personal villas within Florida, you could be hoping to spend only what you can on vacation. Florida is a great destination for a holiday, but if you’re cautious, you could end up spending more money than you expected. This is where we help you get through the process. We’ve compiled an inventory of the most affordable restaurants in Florida to eat. This will allow you to enjoy a meal for less and take home a little less money while you’re out:

Garbo’s Grill

The restaurant is located on Caroline Street, Key West; Garbo’s Grill serves up delicious Korean, Caribbean, and American food. It is easy to fall into thinking that since the food is cheap, it must be of low quality. However, this is not the case. It is located behind a bar that appears to be the home of someone; Garbo’s Grill is located inside a metal caravan, serving delicious dishes that are typically found in expensive eateries.

Outside seating and a few chickens to keep you entertained, Garbo’s Grill serves up tacos, burritos, burritos burgers, hot dogs, and much much more. The food is prepared freshly to order and beautifully presented make, making you feel that you’ve stumbled across an exceptional place, which is exactly what you will find. With Yum-Yum Shrimp, Umami Burger, Mango Dog, Cayo Fish tacos, and burritos, you are spoilt for choices. However, you can pick something else every time you come to this wonderful and distinctive restaurant.


There are shirts to be purchased and a variety of condiments on tables outside, and serving only large portions, those who visit Garbo’s Restaurant are sure to take advantage of their meal as they enjoy the sun. Don’t forget that the Grill is located just behind the bar, Which is a hidden secret, as they think.


located at 1000 Eaton Street, Key West, Bien is a Caribbean, Fusion, and Latin restaurant that serves delicious meals. From sandwiches to main dishes with salads, bowls of food, and other items, eating offered at Bien is certainly worth trying. Take a seat at the counter and then sit outside in the shade as the scorching Florida sun smacks you down.

With a welcoming country-home-like exterior and friendly personnel, Bien is the ideal spot to eat when you’re starving and looking for a substantial food selection. One of the best things about Bien is that it lets customers pick what they want to include in their meals in a way that is different from other restaurants. For instance, if you prefer the ‘Carne & Rice,’ then you can pick to pair it with chicken, steak, or pork. The Extras menu gives you something more than a bowl of fries. You can also choose from three varieties of black beans and rice. The food at Biens is simply delicious, and even though they’re cooked to order, we would not classify this place as a fast food restaurant because the meals are nutritious and delicious! If you want to experience something new and delightful, go to Bien.

Duetto Pizza and Gelato

The location is located at 540 Greene Street, Suite #1, Key West; Duetto Pizza and Gelato is a tiny eatery. However, it offers amazing dishes that are designed to be a hit. Although its exterior restaurant is reminiscent of a standard fast food establishment, the quality of food is much better than you’d think, and the price is satisfactory, too.

In or out, have a slice of pizza that has been perfected. The servers cleverly bring out a couple of tables the pizzas are placed on so that you can take one piece at a time, put it on the table, and take it in. The tables you sit at aren’t big enough to accommodate several pizzas, which is why they’ve created this concept to let you order as many slices as you want! As we’re talking about the topic of pizzas, you might be interested in knowing that there are more than 20 pizza varieties to pick from, meaning there’s something for every person.



The gelato at this establishment is delicious, and you can choose from at least a dozen flavors to pick from. With three sizes of portions offered and reasonable prices, This is a restaurant you’ll want to return to.

There are a myriad of great restaurants to dine at in Florida, from restaurants that specialize in the exquisite dining experience to fast food restaurants that give the convenience of a quick meal at the smallest amount of money. But, after some research, we’ve discovered that the three mentioned above are among the best available in the area. They’re not just less expensive than other establishments, but they also serve excellent quality food that will not make you hungry. If you’re in the market for tacos, burritos, or other dishes that are freshly prepared, it’s a good idea to visit Garbo’s Grill. If you’re in the market for Caribbean, Fusion, and Latin food, you must consider going to Bien and having a meal or two. If you want a slice of pizza and gelato that makes you want to return for more, then go for Duetto Pizza and Gelato.

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