5 Foods That Can Leave You Feeling Thirsty

The human body comprises 75 percent of water; without functioning correctly, one cannot work. Water loss occurs regularly through the excretory system, such as breath, sweat, and urine. This is why drinking as much water as possible throughout the day is essential. But did you realize that not just these elements could be why your body is losing water? It could be due to the variety of food items you consume daily. That’s right. Drinks and foods can make you thirsty and want more water. Some foods cause you to drink more as you consume these foods.

1. Coffee and Tea

Every caffeinated beverage, such as tea and coffee,, isetics and makes you thirsty because it causes you frequent urination; caffeine speeds up the process of dehydration within the body. Therefore, the more you drink tea and coffee, the more dehydrated you’ll feel. It is best to limit yourself to drinking only two or 3 cups of tea the day to avoid imbalance caused by fluid loss.

If you’ve been trying to determine the cause of your dehydration and hangover throughout the day following drinking plenty of alcohol, then its diuretic properties can be at fault. The amount of alcohol consumed is directly proportional to the frequency you go to the washroom. You might be dehydrated in the wake of a night of overspent drinking. It’s because it drains the fluids within the body, which causes an imbalance. If you do drink alcohol, be sure to accompany it with a glass of fluids to avoid the problem.

Anything high in sodium, like processed hot dogs, cheese bread, etc., could cause you to drink the water bottle. Sodium in your system can lead to the loss of fluids because a significant amount of water is used to flush this excess sodium into salt. Reduce your intake of canned food, processed food items, frozen food items, and condiments.

If you’re on a diet that is high in protein, there is a chance that you could be feeling dehydrated. The body needs more water to process nitrogen, naturally in protein. This is why cells can reduce their water content, which can make the person feel drained. Therefore, even following a high-protein diet, consume more water.

Drinking a sugary beverage can instantly refill your body when you are in desperate requirement of water. However, drinks that have excessive sugar content can raise the loss of water within the body. Sugary beverages are believed to create an acidic atmosphere that could hinder the function of enzymes and lower the body’s capacity to store water, which is required to process all the sugar added to the body. If you drink soft drinks, energy drinks, or sports drinks, ensure that you restrict your consumption since they are making nothing but contribute to your body’s dehydration.

We’re not asking you to eliminate all of these food items. However, you should limit your consumption so they don’t hurt your health.

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