6 Food and Drinks That Bring Out the Snob in All of Us

If it’s fizzy drinks, I’m a complete Ted Lasso. I believe the best method to go about drinking the sparkling glass is to drink it immediately if I happen to consume it. I’ve never understood the attraction of water with bubbles. I’ve never understood the appeal of bubbles within any beverage, but that’s a topic for another day.

However, nearly fifty percent of my colleagues from Ask appear to have an obsession not with sparkling water but with Topo Chico. This Mexican Agua mineral took over Texas just a few years ago and is today the drink of the choice of gourmets and hipsters alike. Coca-Cola acquired it in 2017, expanding its distribution and the reason for its phenomenal growth. Of course, it’s not the only mineral water that is carbonated to gain a devoted audience across the U.S. Prior to Topo Chico; there was the Italian San Pellegrino as well as the French Perrier and the only French name and naturally infused LaCroix.

Although I believe Ted Lasso is spot-on in his views on water, I’m afraid I have to disagree with his opinions on tea. Contrary to what the TV soccer coach and London transplants believe, it’s definitely far from “hot brown water.”

Take a listen at Dame Maggie Smith in The Second Most Exotic Marigold Hotel. Her character is traveling on business in America. The U.S. and she’s desperate to have a good cup of tea. Then, she decides to teach an assistant about what is an appropriate tea. “Tea is a plant that has was dried up. In order to revive it is to make it a part of boiling water. This is boiling water. Everywhere I’ve been I’ve seen them pour down the tea bag and a teabag lying on top of it.”

After many years of research, I can say that drinking coffee is feasible in this country – you have to stay away from it everywhere. Are you undecided about whether to steer clear or go for it? Do the following test: if the legitimate question “What types of teas do you have?” is answered with a similar answer to that of “black and green” without any further details, perhaps you shouldn’t purchase the tea. In the event that your answer reads, “We have a herbal chamomile,” take it off.

Coffee, Bagels, Pasta and Chocolate

Some other drinks and foods are likely to create a snob for all of us. In my writing, I cannot discuss the topic without mentioning coffee. If you’re part of the entire Pumpkin Spice Latte trend or otherwise — I don’t drink coffee, but I am not a fan of the sweet autumnal concoction the United States is awash in the beverage.

The market for retail of caffeinated beverages throughout the U.S. is valued at $46.2 billion. From Cappuccinos made of almond milk to Iced Coffee and slow drip, the options for caffeinated beverages are endless if you’re an avid Starbucks customer, a fan of the smaller chains like Peet’s coffee and tea as well as Blue Bottle, or a regular patron at your neighborhood family-owned coffee shop. Between the mochas and the cafes with leche as well as the Grandes and the Ventis and the myriad of alternatives in between, it’s clear that you’re already at least a bit of a snob to know how to order coffee.

All the chatter at the cafe brought me back to chocolate, which is one of the most commonly abused foods available. I’m sure that you’re a fan of Kit Kat and Snickers -and who wouldn’t? Please don’t believe that they’re a reliable source of chocolate for cocoa elitists. In the case of chocolate, the fewer ingredients you have, the more nutritious. The fair trade option is the best, and the chocolate should contain a minimum of 70 percent cocoa content. If not, you must be catering to kids or those who don’t want to be overwhelmed by the chocolatey taste.

Let’s close this list by discussing two other topics that are controversial, such as pasta and bagels. If you like them stuffed and chewy or open-faced and served with a ripe Hass avocado, Bagels are no longer exclusive to the New York experience. Particularly because they are now available in California. The New York Times has declared that the best bagels are actually located in California.

I’m still thinking about my feelings about this whole thing. The article has made it virtually impossible for me to venture out to taste the delicious products from Boichik Bagels in Berkeley. Despite all the positive press that the lines begin at 7:30 am as the shop opens and despite the fact that long lines are a sure sign of snobbery, I’ve never dared to line up this early in the morning, regardless of how close to the shop is.

According to my pasta recipe, I only have one idea, that is al dente. If you’re not putting in an alarm when you drop the pasta into boiling water, the final result is likely to be disappointing, regardless of how delicious the gravy is.

Do you feel hungry after having read about food? Check out our article on American variations of barbeque sauce and different regional versions of Hot dogs, as well as the various pizza types that the U.S. has to offer. I’m a fan of thin-crust pizzas that are Californian-style and filled with seasonal vegetables, but let pizzas stay out of the snobby conversation, or we’ll debate incessantly.

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