Act fast: you can currently get £30 off the Always Pan

Some products explode on the market. Consider the Always Pan – everyone seems to have one.

The Pan’s name implies that it is an all-in-one addition to your kitchen and makes for a wonderful gift. The brand has just released the Always Pan 2.0, which replaces ten pieces of traditional cookware. The utensil is the perfect space-saving tool – and it also looks fantastic. It comes in eight colors – from green to purple and everything in between.

It’s not cheap, but it is a hero product. It’s usually priced at PS130 and is not something that you would buy on impulse. We were therefore very happy to see that the Spring Sale had just started.

Our Place, the people behind the brilliant Always Pan, is offering PS30 off. This cult kitchen item is available for just PS100. It’s almost too good to pass up. Don’t forget to browse our collection of the best air fryers if you want more inspiration for your kitchen.

Is PS130 Our PlaceThis famous Pan is currently on sale for PS30. But hurry, this discount may not last long.

” data-widget-type=” deal”>This famous Pan is currently on sale for PS30. But hurry, this discount may not last long.


The Perfect Pot is also on sale so that you can complete your collection. The Always Pan is the same innovative design that has made it a bestseller. It can be used for boiling, baking, and crisping, as well as steaming.

The Perfect Pot is currently available at a discount of PS28. You can choose between nine different colors.


Why is Always Pan so popular?

The clever Pan can replace ten different kitchen appliances, including a frying or steaming Pan, a saucepan, and many more.

It should allow you to cook almost anything: sautee, braise, sear, or steam. It should be an all-in-one kitchen that will enable you to cook whatever you want.

After using it ourselves, we can totally understand the hype.

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