Exploring the Best Food and Drink on a New Zealand Package Tour

New Zealand is a country with stunning scenery, diverse wildlife, and a rich cultural heritage. However, what makes it stand out from other tourist destinations is its amazing food and drink scene. From famous beverages to freshly caught seafood and fresh seafood, a New Zealand package tour promises to satisfy any foodie’s desire.

Wine Tasting in Marlborough

Marlborough is among the most renowned wine regions of New Zealand, producing some of the finest Sauvignon Blancs. A trip package in New Zealand should include a visit to Marlborough for wine-tasting tours, which allow tourists to taste different types of wine while taking in stunning views.

In addition to Sauvignon Blancs, Marlborough has also produced Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Riesling, and other varieties. The wineries are close together, which makes it easier for visitors to travel from one winery to the next and take in the stunning vineyards.

Seafood Delights in Kaikoura

Kaikoura is a town on the coast located in New Zealand that offers some of the most fresh seafood delights you’ll ever enjoy. A tour package should include an excursion to Kaikoura for tourists to enjoy the crayfish (lobster), paua (abalone) mus, sells, and many other seafood delights.

The most distinctive aspect of Kaikoura seafood is it’s sourced fresh daily from the ocean. The visitors can enjoy their meals while enjoying breathtaking panoramic views over ocean views of the Pacific Ocean while learning about Maori customs and culture.

Traditional Hangi Feast in Rotorua

Rotorua is renowned for its geothermal activities and Maori culture. An essential part of any tour package is going to an authentic Maori hangi celebration. The hangi is a meal that is cooked with heated rocks, which are then buried beneath.

The meal includes a variety of meats, including lamb, pork, and chicken, along with vegetables that are cooked in the traditional style of hangi. In addition, guests can enjoy an entertainment show that features traditional dances and songs while studying Maori culture and traditions.

Craft Beer Tasting in Wellington

Wellington is the beer capital of New Zealand, offering a large selection of locally brewed beers. A package tour must include a trip to Wellington for a beer tasting at a variety of breweries and bars.

Visitors can taste different kinds of beer, such as stouts, IPAs beer, lagers, and many more. Breweries frequently provide tours that offer insights into the process of brewing as well as the history that craft beer has throughout New Zealand.


The New Zealand package tour promises to be a gastronomic experience that will provide guests with unforgettable memories. From the wine-tasting experience in Marlborough to a feast on seafood in Kaikoura and the traditional hangi meal in Rotorua to a craft beer tasting in Wellington, there’s something to please all foodies during the New Zealand package tour.

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