New trend report: Food and Drink 2017

Since The Innovation Group published Food + Drink Trends and Futures in 2014, the pace of change has increased. The conversation continues with our latest report, Food + Drink: Futures and Trends 2017.

The global population is now seven and a quarter billion people and growing. Food waste is produced by the industry every year in two billion metric tonnes, and this represents one-quarter of greenhouse gas emissions. Sugar consumption is now recognized as a major public health issue that affects many consumers.

The industry is showing signs of optimism. The meat alternatives are advancing and reaching levels of sophistication that were once unimaginable. VR and AR, two emerging technologies, are being creatively used. Wellness is also poised to be a major influence on the future of food.

How can the industry prepare itself for the future in the face of an abundance choice? Food and Drink: Trends & Futures 2017 is a report that aims to inspire and motivate brands to continue to improve the consumer experience and identity.

The 55-page document includes:

  • Innovation Group desk research and interviews with experts on the subject plus desk research into emerging trends.
  • Seventeen emerging trends in product and experience including Prescription Nutrition and Insta-Serves.
  • Trends in experience dining: An in-depth look
  • Breakout section on visual trends with examples from brands and social media influencers

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