Top 5 Web3 brands

Companies are increasingly focusing on the benefits of a decentralized Web for their digital consumers. These brands are taking concrete steps to the next era in digital engagement.


Starbucks has announced that its Web3-based reward program will be launched in September. The collectible NFTs with coffee themes will be used as tokens to allow owners access to memberships, events, and additional drops.


YSL Beaute has launched a token-gated Web3 page to mark its debut. In June, its first drop was held. During this time, Instagram and Twitter users, as well as Vivatech attendees, were able to claim their first YSL NF. These NFTs unlock more launches, drops, and other activities throughout the year to encourage a wider community’s engagement.


Niche is a new social media platform for Web3. It’s currently in beta. According to co-founder Zavennahapetyan, the platform democratizes social media data. Nahapetyan told Wunderman Thompson Intelligence his platform “opens a lot of new opportunities” that are not available with non-decentralized traditional social media.


Prada’s Web3 expanded in June by launching an NFT drop that links to its limited-edition Timecapsule collection. Prada Timecapsule customers will receive exclusive NFTs as well as access to future experiences. As part of this drop, the “Prada Crypted Community” on Discord was also launched. This expanded the brand’s reach and community.


McDonald’s has filed trademarks for the delivery of food in person and digitally from a virtual dining establishment. McDonald’s, McCafe, and other fast food chains were all included in trademark applications. The language outlined details of “operating an online virtual restaurant featuring home delivery,” which could mean that customers can order their next Big Mac digitally.

Web3 sets the stage for decentralized brand strategies in the future. These companies are exploring how Web3 can help their consumers online while still maintaining their physical products and services.

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