Unique Indian Drinks That Will Keep You Cool This Summer, Part#1

The summer season is here! It’s the time of year when you can be more adventurous, particularly when trying various types of drinks and food. However, getting through the summer heat can be challenging, such as heat waves, sweat and dehydration, skin tanned, and more! However, don’t worry because we have a great solution! Make sure to saturate your vessels with super-energizing and chilled drinks from traditional India. This is why we have compiled a list of classic and original Indian beverages that taste much better than regular mojitos and sangrias.

1. Imli Ka Amlana: If the spice pairs with tamarind, it produces delicious imli ka amlana. The populace ignored This delightful drink, particularly those living in South India, which was once the supreme queen of Indian beverages. Sweet, hot, spicy, and sour, this delicious combination is difficult to resist!

How To Make: Take the pulp of the tamarind and add 5-5 cups of water. Mix the liquid until it is uniform. Add black pepper, black salt powder gre,  cardamom powder, cumin powder, carom seed powder that has been roasted sugar, and salt to the drink. Mix everything for a delicious tangy flavor. It is also possible to use a mixer to ease the work. You can add crushed ice and then serve in old glasses.

2. Panakam is another of the well-loved drinks from South India. South panakam is an intriguing blend of cardamom, pepper, the delicious taste of jaggery, and water. This drink is unique and gives you immediate cooling effects and energy. We’re betting you’ll be able to drink down the entire glass without looking for more.

How To Make: In a glass of water, mix the jaggery. Add citrus juice, powdered cinnamon, dried ginger, camphor, edible salt, and nutmeg. You may also add holy basil leaves if you wish. Be sure not to throw away the cardamom’s skin, as it will provide a fantastic flavor to the beverage. Serve the drink cold in a copper glass.

3. Piyush: If you’ve been a resident of Maharashtra Maharashtra, then you’ve tried the drink Piyush, which translates to Amrit, the beverage of the gods. This delicious drink combines buttermilk and shrikhand with plenty of dry fruit in the proper amount. It’s so delicious and satisfying that you could serve it as lunch or breakfast.

How To Make: Use yogurt, shrikhand sugar, milk, cardamom, and nutmeg powder. Combine all these ingredients in the bowl. Blend until you’ve got a smooth, creamy mix. It should be refrigerated for a minimum of 2 hours. Serve immediately and garnish it with almond slices, pistachio, and saffron.

4. Chandan Sherbet We are all aware of the cooling qualities of the Chandan (sandalwood) and how drinking Chandan will rejuvenate our bodies and minds during the hot summer months. The distinctive sherbet chandan is a refreshing summer drink. Sip a glass of this refreshing summer treat to relish its refreshing and refreshing taste.

How To Make: Rub the sandalwood with water on a board until you have two teaspoons of paste made from sandalwood. Take half a cup of water in a small bowl, put a little saffron, and heat it until it completely dissolves. Transfer the saffron mix to a larger bowl. Add the paste of sandalwood sugar, lemon juice, cardamom powder, and salt, and mix it thoroughly. The drink can be chilled for some time.

5. Sol Kadi is one of the Maharashtrian special drinks made by mixing kokum syrup into coconut milk. The drink is said to have antioxidant power and serve as an excellent appetizer.

How To Make: The petals of kokum should be soaked in hot water for an hour. This will remove the pulpy petals. Incorporate the coconut purée, garlic, and chilies into a small amount of water. Mix the kokum, coc, out milk, and garlic to create an incredibly creamy pink drink. Add salt and fresh coriander according to your preferences.
So, call your friends home and surprise them with these refreshing summer drinks. Please tell us which one you enjoyed most in the comment section below.

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