What to drink to celebrate (or hide from) the coronation

The recommendation of drinks for the celebrations in The Guardian is a difficult business, and it’s likely to be met with the fury of half of the readers who criticize me. Some believe (and quite rightly) that this is a special occasion that you’ll never see for a long time. Others will make the most of the extended weekend and then bury themselves in the midst of the country without internet access, where they will attempt to forget that the whole matter is even happening. While I’m personally drawn to the latter approach, I recognize that the demands of those in the former group are especially relevant this week, and I’ve put together some practical suggestions.

Let’s look at some scenarios. Perhaps you’ve been invited to an event with your family members who read the Daily Mail and take the occasion extremely seriously and believe it ought to be celebrated with style. If so, I’d recommend one of the coronation cuvees, which have just made it to shelves. They’re not cheap, but they are: Nyetimber’s, for instance, retails at a price of PS39.50; however, you can purchase M&S’s Balfour Coronation Cuvee in stores (and from Ocado) for PS23. If you’re in the vicinity of the location of Laithwaites, for instance, you could put in a couple of glasses that include Long Live the King Cabernet Sauvignon (see the current selection) or a bottle of Windsor Great Park Gin ( PS35.95 Laithwaites, 40 percent) It’s an ideal bottle to bring to a coronation celebration. If beer is more than your thing, Sainsbury’s has a cracking 7 percent Coronation ale available in the tasting the Difference range at PS2.50 for 500ml.

Suppose you’re part of an event that is more boisterous or a street party where the atmosphere tends to be more Eurovision rather than celebration. In that case, you might like Aldi’s brand-new collection of commemorative beers. If you’re not happy with the C words on the bottle, you can find discounts on a lot of stores’ own-label English bubbly this weekend, including Asda’s Asquith (see our pick for today’s selection).

If you would like to treat the entire bunch like a bonus Bank Holiday weekend getaway, visit Lidl for its new and innovative craft beer collection, which was created in conjunction with some of the best British brewery brands, including Thornbridge, as well as Magic Rock. All are great. However, I’d suggest Salt’s casual Pale (4 percent), Harbour’s Big On Sesh Session IPA (4%), and Thornbridge’s incredibly amazing Kakawa Chocolate Stout (4.5%), which is a little like the taste of a chocolate espresso martini. They’re all priced for sale at PS1.79 for 444ml, so no one is going to complain about this.

Four cans (and canned drinks) to help you get through the coronation

Asquith Gardens English Sparkling Wine PS12 Asda (on the deal) It also offers an offer of 25% discount on the six-bottle agreement at present, 11.5%. Delicious, rich, toasty fizz. It’s a fantastic bargain.

Long Live The King Cab Sauvignon, 2022 PS12.99 (or PS10.99 If you mix more than 12) Laithwaites 13 percent. It is the perfect wine to raise a toast with a glass of red. It’s a bit light-bodied by contemporary standards, but it would be delicious with a steak pie.

The Great British Brewing Company Golden Pilsner PS1.79 (440ml) Aldi, 4.4%. It is a fruity, golden beer with a King Charles spaniel on the bottle. Ideal for a street party.

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Coronation Ale PS2.50 (500ml), 7%. Full-bodied and strong, appropriately made using sovereign hops. It would be great when served with cheese.

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