Australia Food & Drink Report

We project that food and beverage spending in Australia will remain stable in 2024. This is because inflationary pressures and normalizing consumer habits will lead to stronger growth in 2024 compared to 2023. In 2024, real incomes in Australia will remain low. Consumers will look to maintain price levels or even lower them. During our forecast period up to 2027, the average annual growth of spending in all food-and-drink categories will remain steady. Alcohol consumption is predicted to remain stagnant over the forecast period. An increase in interest in functional and healthy food and beverages will be a major driver of consumer growth.

Expert analysis, independent forecasts, and competitive intelligence for the food and drink industry.

The report includes Industry Views, Industry SWOT Analysis, and Industry Forecasts. It also consists of the Food and Drink Risk-Reward Index and Forecasts for Mass Grocery Retail.

Why should you buy this report HTML0?

  • Take advantage of the latest market opportunities.
  • Protect your business from future threats by understanding the dangers that could affect your investments and operations.
  • Get an insight into emerging trends and how they could affect your business.
  • Assess your market position by gaining a complete view of the competition.

The Australia Food & Drink Report includes BMI’s assessment of the market and independent forecasts on food and beverage expenditure, consumption and sales, imports and exports, as well as estimates in the mass grocery retail industry. The report includes analyses of key regulatory developments as well as the macroeconomic background and competitive landscape, comparing national and multi-national companies based on their leading products and services. It also compares them by sales, investment, partners, and expansion strategies.

BMI’s Australia Food & Drink Report offers industry professionals, strategists, investors, trade groups, regulatory bodies, and business associations independent forecasts, as well as competitive intelligence about the food and beverage industry.

Key Benefits

  • Benchmark BMI’s independent food industry forecasts in order to compare them with other opinions. This is a crucial input for budgeting and strategic planning in the food market.
  • We help you identify business opportunities and risks by analyzing the latest trends in the industry, regulatory changes, and major projects, deals, and investments.
  • Please take advantage of the latest competitive intelligence about your competitors and partners by using our Competitive Landscape Tables.

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