best Chinese restaurants in Sydney

Chinese cuisine is among the most well-known cuisines dishes in Australia, and it’s been for quite a long time. Since the mass immigration into Australia, Chinese restaurants have emerged and are now popular across the country.

Due to the popularity of Chinese food, The food establishments’ competition can be intense. This is particularly true in the urban regions of Sydney.



Qing’s Kitchen

Qing’s Kitchen is a restaurant located in Eastwood, NSW, that is an expert in Chinese and Vietnamese food. The restaurant recognizes that both of these cultures are bursting with tasty flavors that they incorporate into their food and serve the finest versions of these to their patrons.

It was established in the year 2015, and Qing’s restaurant is an incredibly new addition to the growing number of eateries in Sydney. The fact that it’s relatively new has only bolstered Ms Qing’s determination to make the place stand out from the rest, and she has been extremely successful in her efforts.



Being natural to cook Chinese or Vietnamese food was not enough for Qing when she started to discover the distinctive flavors she could offer to customers. Utilizing a recipe that was passed through her ancestors, Qing can provide her clients with traditional dishes with a unique flavor.

Qing is extremely happy with her work and works closely with her chefs to provide the highest standards of service and food. Attention to detail and a love of food have enabled her chefs to develop an extensive menu of delicious options that offer customers the choice of a wide range of dishes.



Qing’s chef of the moment is a family member who has over 40 years of experience in cooking in various locations throughout Asia, which includes Hong Kong and Vietnam. He also has worked across multiple restaurants in Sydney in the pursuit of perfecting his methods of cooking Southeast Asian and Chinese food.

A glance at Qing’s vast menu, and you’ll soon be hungry. Offering a broad selection of options at an extremely reasonable cost, Qing’s is the ideal spot for those looking for a low-cost quality, premium Chinese eating experience.



A visit to photos on Qing’s Kitchen website reveals a cozy, welcoming atmosphere that captures the best of Chinese hospitality. It’s a great place to bring your family or friends to enjoy delicious and satisfying food.

Qing’s most famous dishes are specially made wontons. The wontons are freshly prepared each day with a unique recipe and have gained acclaim in the Sydney region.

Fortune Village

The restaurant is located in Sydney City. Fortune Village is among the top Chinese restaurants in the area, with a long tradition. In 1981, the restaurant was operated by the Chan family, who made it one of Sydney’s best-known “local” Chinese restaurants.

Now being run by Simon Chan, he and his staff are committed to maintaining the traditions of the family, which have made them successful. Their aim was always to surpass the standard Chinese restaurants that are found in Sydney and to provide an experience that exceeds the expectations of Chinese dining.

Fortune Village is devoted to all things Chinese and has honed the range of traditional dishes to provide the most authentic Chinese cuisine. The menus are influenced by provincial cuisine and modern twists to keep the food fresh and interesting for the regular diner.

The restaurant also puts importance on the exceptional service it provides. At Fortune Village, it’s all about offering a warm and welcoming service that provides a personalized taste to every meal.

Fortune Village acknowledges that Chinese food is best enjoyed when shared and has a focus on creating a broad range of dishes that will encourage guests to explore new cuisines. The staff is ready to give suggestions and assist you in making the most appropriate choices that fit your tastes.

In a prime position within Sydney CBD, Fortune Village has grown to become one of the best sought-after Chinese establishments in the area. The interior is amazing, highlighting sophisticated taste while retaining the warm and welcoming ambiance that is typical of top Chinese establishments.



Mr Wong

In addition to being one of the variety of restaurants with high-end quality at the Merivale hospitality center, Mr Wong has been recognized among the top Chinese eateries within Sydney. Sydney region. It is also among the biggest establishments located in the northern part of Sydney CBD, with a 240-person capacity.

Spread over two levels, Mr Wong is a unique blend that combines Chinese and Australian influence in the colonial-era decor elements. The huge dimension of the restaurant offers patrons a variety of seating options as well as seating options for large parties or an intimate dining experience to make the ideal first date.

Executive Chef Dan Hong occupies this position at three different restaurants in the Merivale Center, which includes Mr. Wong. Dan has established himself as one of Sydney’s emerging talents who is very innovative with the array of flavors and influences he incorporates into his food.

Dan is assisted by Chef Dim Sum Michael Luo, who has an impressive international resume, and, most recently, he was employed in a highly regarded Dubai establishment.



These two top chefs have brought their experience together to create Mr Wong, an outstanding restaurant in Sydney. Their influence is evident throughout Mr. Wong’s menu, which includes more than 60 dishes prepared in a modern Cantonese style.

The most unique aspect of Mr. Wong is its premium dim sum menu, which is without a doubt the best in the region. This type of Chinese cuisine is focused on bite-sized meals that are served in steaming wooden containers, which are ideal for sharing with groups.

Mr. Wong is also known for his live seafood options that are taken directly from tanks. The menu is full of delicious items that will make you want to come back for the rest of the menu.

Mr Wong definitely puts a refined twist on the traditional ideas of Chinese dining by taking a well-known food and making it seem like something completely fresh. Mr Wong is an ideal choice for those who want to delight their palates with the exhilarating nuances of their favorite Chinese dishes.

Spice Alley

Spice Alley is an avenue of Asian restaurants that collaborate to provide a unique dining experience. The restaurant creates an ambiance of a bustling Asian street food experience within Sydney CBD.

This food court includes seven different restaurants that offer Cantonese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, Malaysian, and Singaporean dishes. The wide variety of options together in a dining space creates Spice Alley, an exciting fight of Asian dishes that will keep customers coming back to eat more.

The Cantonese menu at Hong Kong Diner brings the flavors and aromas of the fictitious Asian city into a cozy Sydney setting. The competition with other Asian options along the laneway forces Hong Kong Diner to provide the very best-known comfort foods.

Spice Alley features a cashless system that guarantees speedy service and top hygiene standards. Diners can choose to use their usual cards or pay cash at the entry point to purchase a card that is pre-loaded.





Spice Alley has a dedicated bar where you can either bring your own. The bar, dubbed Gin Lane, offers a staggering assortment of more than 80 gins and an extensive list of cocktails.

The distinctive and unique character that the Spice Alley experiences has earned it acclaim across an array of different media channels. The bustling nature of the laneway is to its advantage in creating an intimate yet not cramped atmosphere for customers.

Spice Alley feels very young and lively, giving up the more formal dining experience for a truly extraordinary transformation of a small alleyway. Spice Alley is focused on signature food items, which are served swiftly in an energetic environment.

If you’re looking to put something different from your typical night out, there aren’t any better places to play around with other than Spice Alley.

China Doll

It is situated on the gorgeous Finger Wharf in Woolloomooloo; China Doll offers unrivaled waterfront dining experiences for Chinese food, with stunning Sydney cityscape views. This establishment welcomes guests to a unique dining experience that’s certain to be memorable.

With a fresh version of traditional Asian dishes made in China, Hong, and Japan in addition to other places, China Doll showcases the finest of Asian cuisine. The menu is crafted around the integration of flavor and produce that is sourced ethically while making sure that the portions are generously sized.

The star of the show, Chef Frank Shek, has had extensive culinary experience that began at the family’s Chinese restaurant when he was just 6. His exposure to the family’s traditional cooking methods led him to create a style that is focused on speedy service but not compromising on quality.

Frank has been working at China Doll since its establishment and has managed a team of chefs coming from various regions of Asia. The team of hardworking and diverse people has created a welcoming and family-like environment, which shares the desire to provide only the very best to their customers.

Frank has been featured on TV shows such as MasterChef as well as The Morning Show, showcasing his skills in the foundations of Cantonese food.

China Doll has a diverse menu that makes the most of its location along the coast, providing an emphasis on fresh seafood choices. China Doll also offers an impressive selection of banquets perfect for groups of four or more.

China Doll is also well-known for its amazing menu of delicious cocktails to suit every occasion and also offers an excellent variety of wines. Desserts are not to be missed, with decadent and light-hearted choices that make a great end to an amazing dinner.

The restaurant’s interior is a minimalist design that emphasizes the natural beauty of its surroundings. There are numerous seating options, including two separate private rooms.

The Vase Room is on the wharf side of the restaurant. It has amazing perspectives of the Sydney Skyline. This room is ideal for gatherings of up to 40 guests.

The Mezzanine is an L-shaped space on the second level with windows that overlook the famed Woolloomooloo Wharf. The Mezzanine can accommodate 40 guests seated or 50 people for the event of a cocktail.

China Doll definitely stands out as the ideal spot for a corporate gathering or any other event that has an innovative Cantonese flavor. Natural beauty in the surroundings is utilized to create a memorable dining experience for anyone who comes to visit.

Which Chinese product will you pick?

It is impossible to choose between the establishments listed above as they have been selected for their high standard of service, their decor, and, of course, their food! Chinese cuisine is so deeply ingrained into the multicultural nature of Australia that it is easy to forget the different ways to it could be.

While the majority of people are familiar with the typical Chinese takeaway that we can find in our local areas, There is a different kind of food that is worth a visit. The restaurants listed above all have a special approach to meals with a well-developed ambiance that showcases the finest characteristics of Chinese tradition.

Don’t be opposed to one amazing dining experience within your reach in Sydney. Whatever your preferences are or the reason you’re pursuing eating out, there’s an ideal spot to pick from.

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