The 5 delicious BBQ recipes you have to try

We’ve compiled five delicious barbecue recipes you can serve to your BBQ guests and make them want more!

#1 Grilled vegetable kabobs with Halloumi

Grilling vegetables over the fire is simple. You can make an amazing vegetable salad simply by weaving your favorite vegetables on an apron and then adding Halloumi. Grill up various vegetables and invite guests to pick their favorite skewers.



To grill vegetable kabobs, heat the barbecue, and within a bowl, mix olive oil and lemon juice, oregano, basil, salt, and pepper. Apply the mixture to chopped halloumi and then the vegetables you prefer (capsicum and eggplant, mushrooms, and onion). Then, thread the halloumi and vegetable chunks onto skewers and place them on the grill. Then, rotate for about 10 minutes or until the food is evenly cooked.

For a Mediterranean-inspired dish, you can lightly grill some flatbread and make vegetable wraps.

#2 BBQ Prawns served with Salsa Verde

BBQ Prawns mixed with a green olive salsa verde are an ideal addition to any BBQ, and it’s incredibly simple to make.

Begin by heating the grill to a high temperature, and while you’re waiting, get working with your salsa verde. Mix mint, parsley gre, olives, anchovies, capers, garlic, and almonds in a large bowl and sprinkle with lemon oil, salt, and pepper.

Sprinkle the mix over the prawns, then place them on the grill for approximately 2 minutes, turning them over until they are lightly charred.



Sprinkle the mix over the chopped halloHalloumionions prior to placing them on the grill to cook.

After cooking, serve them with a bed of salad. Drizzle with salsa verde before serving.

#3 Sweet potato, capsicum, and the feta

Barbecued sweet potatoes, capsicums, and feta make the ideal lovely summer meal. Learn how to cook it.

Preparing the barbecue. In order to cook sweet potatoes, wash it, puncture it using a knife, pour salt and oil on the potato, and cover it with aluminum foil. Put the potato in direct heating for at least 30 minutes before turning it over until the potato is cooked.

Cut up pieces of capicum. Rub them liberally with olive oil. Then, grill them for three to 4 minutes until they’re slightly charcoaled. After the potato has cooked, add butter to the center, as well as squeeze a little lemon juice on top. Then, arrange the capsicum strips on the potato and then sprinkle feta on top. Voila! (Alternatively, you could substitute hallouHalloumihas been grilled instead of the feta.)

#4 Aussie burgers

Celebrate the classic Australian flavors by making your own Aussie Burgers.

The ingredients you’ll need include beef patties, pineapple, bacon, tomato, beetroot, and lettuce. The beef patties are cooked at high temperature on the barbecue until the edges begin to burn – around 4 minutes per side is enough.

While the burgers cook, grill the pineapple and bacon; after they are cooked, put the bacon on top of the patties of burgers and the cheese. Return the burgers to the grill until the cheese is melted, then place the burgers on top of the tomatoes, pineapple, beetroot, and lettuce.

Bookend your burgers with a burger bun, and you’re all set to eat and enjoy – in the Australian method!

#5 Parmesan corn on the cob

It’s impossible to have a barbeque without corn on the cob. It’s an essential ingredient!



If you’re not making the same old popcorn-on-the-cob, try adding an extra kick to make your BBQ guests enthusiastic. To create Parmesan corn that is cooked, brush the cob with a thin layer of mayonnaise. Then sprinkle it with Parmesan cheese, chili powder, and salt. Add pepper.

The corn should be wrapped in aluminum foil and put under the grill for approximately 10 minutes. Rotate the grill until the corn begins to turn black. Serve the corn with butter, and you’ll can enjoy a delicious food!

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