Food Festivals In May 2023 Across India Promise Lots Of Fun, Food And Festivities

May 2023 will be an exciting month for all foodies. Nothing is better to commemorate the bright and sunny summer days than by eating delicious meals and refreshing drinks. Also, there are plenty of mangoes as well. Restaurants across India are embracing the summer vibe with a variety events for food. If you’re looking for delicious mango desserts or remembering the traditional Indian food, there’s something for everyone. Please take a look at the top festivals in your town. Don’t miss them!

Best Food Festivals In May 2023 Across India:

Rampuri Food Festival, Hyatt Regency Delhi

Hyatt Regency in Delhi is hosting a Rampuri food festival at the Cafe, which will showcase traditional Rampuri Cuisine, resulting from blending different traditions like Mughlai, Awadhi, Afghani, and Rajput. Chef Mujeeb-ur Rehman is curating the event. The menu for this Rampuri food festival is set to transport guests to the history of Nawabi kitchens. It serves an array of food options, including Mahi Seekh Kebab, Nargisi Seekh Kebab, Zafrani Seekh, Tar Korma, Murg Changezi, Tah Biryani, and the traditional Khameeri roti, which is available for dinner and lunch.

Ice Cream Festival at DLF Promenade

The summer months are all about eating frozen desserts to combat the temperatures. Get your sweet fix at DLF Promenade’s forthcoming Ice Cream Festival. For those who love dessert, you’re looking forward to a delicious treat at this incredible gastronomic event in the Vasant Kunj Mall. You can pick from the top brands coming together in one place. There are gluten-free, vegan, and sugar-free choices too.

Meghalayan Spice Trail At Honk, Pullman New Delhi Aerocity

Pullman New Delhi Aerocity is hosting an Indian Tribal Gourmet pop-up featuring Meghalayan cuisine between May 5 and May 1,4, 20,23. Tanisha Phanbuh, who is a self-taught North Eastern Food Connoisseur and a proud participant of Masterchef India Season 6, will showcase a variety of Meghalayan reinvented gourmet food items at Honk, an acclaimed Honk, a Pan-Asian eatery. Honk.

Turkish Food Festival, Lake 360

Lake 360, the only elevated deck restaurant in Delhi NCR, is organising the Turkish Fest from May 12, 2023. It will showcase the dynamism of Turkish culture, soulful songs, and traditional Turkish food under one roof. With a fantastic view of the lake, visitors will take in live performances performed by contemporary artists in various Turkish singing styles, including Turkish Pop or Kurdish music.

When guests take the path, they walk through the restaurant, and savory Turkish food options await their diners. Delicious bites such as Tavuk Sis are a fusion of Greek yogurt and marinated chicken grilled in a grill, and spiced lamb cutlets, tasty tomato sauce, and fresh mint accompany Izmir Kofte. All of it will be prepared hot and fresh by our talented chefs. Do not miss out on Baklava and Revani Baklava, the classic and traditional Turkish desserts.

Indo-Portuguese and Anglo-Indian Food Pop-Up at Roseate House New Delhi

Get authentic Indo-Portuguese and Anglo-Indian food during the Food Pop-Up at Roseate House in New Delhi’s Indian restaurant “Kheer.” Chef Michael Swamy, an early pioneer in the field of food-related media, hosts the event. He is a chef, food stylist, food writer, travel photographer, and food stylist in Mumbai.

Chef Michael will serve some of his best-known dishes. This includes cottage cheese mousse salad, Vegetarian or chicken Bhujing, Veg or Prawn Rissoles, and Coastal Green Masala. Smoked Prawns and Bandry East Indian Lamb Chops. The main course will comprise Veg Lonavas, Veg, and Fish Chinchoni Pork or Chicken Vindaloo served with hot Olive Salad and Curried Lamb in a Lentil Sauce (Served with Pasta). Dessert is the option of Red Rice Creme Brulee with caramelized fruit or an English Trifle.

Baati – Rajasthani Food Festival | JW Marriott, Aerocity

To celebrate the wonderful and vibrant flavors of Rajasthani cuisine, K3 will be hosting a fantastic gathering called Baati: Rediscovering the Lost Recipes from Rajasthan. This event will bring together food enthusiasts to celebrate the varied food culture of Rajasthan. Enjoy a delicious selection of Rajasthani vegetarian and non-vegetarian delights that are expertly prepared by Chef Chetan Singh, a master chef from the picturesque village of Adawala located in Ajmer district in Rajasthan. Every dish will be infused with a myriad of regional spices and herbs, bringing you to the vibrant and exciting heart of Rajasthan.

Millet Food Festival At Taj Hotel & Convention Centre, Agra

Taj Hotel & Convention Centre, Agra, organized the Millet Food Festival, emphasizing “Beyond the Grain.” The 10-day event will provide an unforgettable dining experience with a vast selection of superfoods created by experts in the field of cooking. The chefs at the hotel have taken on an array of initiatives to study the use of millet in traditional cuisine, such as the trip to the village Tundla close to Agra to learn more about the cultivation of millets and how to cook using millets. This resulted in a meal highlighting millet’s many uses as a food ingredient and its nutritional advantages.

Mango Festival At Barbeque Nation, Karnataka

Barbeque Nation has launched its eagerly-awaited Mango Mania food festival to commemorate the arrival of the fruit that is king. The food festival will take place from April 1 to 4. Barbeque Nation will welcome guests to its eateries throughout Karnataka with a diverse menu of tasty dishes inspired by mango. The menu includes beverages, dips, salads, and starters, as in the main course and desserts, all infused with the enchanting flavor of mangoes. The buffet you can eat all day in Barbeque Nation offers over 70 dishes, including 13 fresh mango-inspired dishes with non-vegetarian and vegetarian spreads.

Mango Festival, Cafe Noir

The summer season is here, and with it, Cafe Noir, an all-day French Cafe, has been celebrating the Mango Festival across all outlets in Bengaluru and Mumbai. Cafe Noir’s specially-curated mango menu, which includes mango-infused dishes, offers an exceptional culinary experience that celebrates mango’s juicy and sweet flavor. The menu that has been specially designed features various recipes that are infused with mango, like salads, desserts, and beverages in Cafe Noir outlets in UB City, Indiranagar, RMZ Ecoworld, Phoenix Whitefield, Kalyannagar, Lulu Mall, Orion, as well as Cunningham Road. The menu includes various items such as Fresh Mango & Tuna and Mango Tart.

Coast-To-Coast Menu At Coriander Kitchen, Conrad Pune

Get the best seafood from all over the world on the Coriander Kitchen, Conrad Pune menu. The restaurant has won awards, serving various seafood dishes, Spanish tapas, coastal salads, exotic buffets, and an Asian Live counter. Additionally, you can enjoy Malaysian and Indian options during the festival.

Poco Loco’s Cinco De Mayo Fest, Mumbai

Prepare to be immersed in Mexico’s rich culture and history during this event. Poco Loco presents a one-of-a-kind Cinco de Mayo celebration. Poco Loco will transport you into the heart of Mexico and let you experience the customs and flavors that have been enjoyed throughout the centuries. Cinco de Mayo is a critical holiday celebrating this year’s Mexican Army’s victory against the French in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. Poco Loco is honoring this historical event with a celebration unlike any other. Poco Loco offers five-star food, five varieties of Long Island Iced Tea, and special offers for groups of five to celebrate the number five. It’s not only about the number 5. This celebrates Mexico’s diverse and vibrant cultural diversity with its delectable cuisine, lively music, and lively ambiance.

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