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Locating the perfect cooking class isn’t an easy task, especially because there are several options to choose from. Get yourself in the best place to enhance your cooking abilities by enrolling in one of the most reputable cooking classes in Perth!

If you’re making your home-cooked meals or are looking for ideas for your feed and drink, a designed and reliable class will assist you in expressing your love to create delicious, lavish food.

To understand innovative ways to make delicious meals and master the basics of cooking, check out the four top culinary schools located in Perth.

Get yourself in a prime place to enhance your cooking abilities by enrolling in one of the top cooking classes in Perth!

The Cooking Professor

The Cooking Professor specializes in establishing a private team environment for budding cooks to prepare dishes under the supervision of an experienced and knowledgeable instructor.

The company is owned by Chef Riki Kaspi and supported by friendly, committed, and dedicated instructors; the Cooking Professor offers a diverse variety of courses covering various food styles. Since its establishment at the beginning of 2007, The Cooking Professor continues to provide an excellent standard of cooking classes to people aged all over the world.

The courses typically last for three hours, with two hours spent in the kitchen open to the public and one hour of eating and sharing all the meals. In a welcoming, relaxed, and engaging setting, you’ll be able to observe and understand how each dish is cooked and cooked.



You’ll have the chance to cook delicious dishes so that you can make your recipes at home! There is no need to bring anything since everything you need to cook and other necessities are provided. After you’ve cooked the food and eaten it, gather to eat the final meal and enjoy an enormous dinner!

This Spanish Tapas course is definitely the most well-known class taught by the Chef and owner Riki Kaspi. In this class, you’ll be taught how to prepare several small dishes or snacks of Spanish origin.

Hot or cold, they’re true reflections of the rich Spanish food. Being extremely adaptable, Spanish tapas can be utilized as a snack or an entire meal for a gathering, depending on you!

In addition, The Cooking Professor offers classes for children ages 6-14 years old looking to enhance their knife-handling abilities and baking classes for novices.

In addition to the many classes offered, They specialize in corporate group building as well as private events. These classes and events provide an excellent opportunity for colleagues to establish relationships and connect in a more personal way.

Since teamwork is a process that requires lots of interactions, the kitchen is an ideal setting for team members to get to know and learn more about one another.

The styles you can pick from include:

  • Hands-On: “We Teach – You Cook!”
  • Venue Hire
  • Demonstration
  • Private Dining “Chef’s Table”

The Cooking Professor venue takes on an authentic and rustic New York warehouse-style space. It is located at the intersection of Scarborough Beach Road and Main Street in Mt. Hawthorn. The venue, which is open to the public, has been specifically designed to cater for:

  • Small groups and private dining
  • Long table for dining
  • Celebrations and cocktail parties or entertainment for staff or clients
  • Live entertainment with a live jazz band available for hire
  • Cooking classes for the public – completely hands-on; they are enjoyable, bonding, and helpful
  • Private group classes that are fully hands-on classes that encourage the development of relationships and teams

Salt & Company

Salt & Co. certainly has an advantage in the field of cooking classes that allows novice chefs to bring their recipes to life. Salt & Co. has many cooking classes available, beginning with private courses exp, anding to corporate events, and even hiring of venues.

In Salt & Co. Salt & Co., you will be taught the basics of each cuisine and particular techniques, as well as ingredients, and discover how to make your creations.



Salt and Co.’s private classes are focused on acquiring the essential aspects of cooking food and also understanding the different food cultures from all over the globe.

With knowledgeable and dedicated instructors, this love of food is paired with a warm and welcoming atmosphere for everyone. Classes can be arranged around food options such as South American street food, Southern Indian, Moroccan banquet, and other opportunities!

It is a South American street food class that is very popular and well-known as a source of excitement, excitement, and enthusiasm. The course will take you on an adventure through the discovery of new flavors and ingredients you’ve probably never heard of or even heard of prior. The procedure typically lasts three hours and thirty minutes and will include six various dishes to prepare.

The corporate events offered by Salt & Co. are surely worth considering. You may be interested in an activity to build team spirit for your employees, an event for your clients, or an opportunity to encourage collaboration and creativity by bringing it to life in a fresh manner. Salt & Co. provides corporate event services which are of top quality.

The corporate team building event includes:

  • Experiential and engaging teachers
  • Custom-designed classes, home recipe kits
  • Time of 3 hours, 2 hours of cooking time and an hour of eating
  • Choose from three specially designed menus: South East Asian, Italian or Spanish
  • Event hire can be made

Salt & Co. is located at 239 Fitzgerald Street in West Perth and offers a unique place to hire service either in their dining hall or kitchen studio. If you’d like to know more or know more about specific classes, go to their blog on their website, which contains current information for their customers.

Everyone Can Cook

Everyone Can Cook, founded and run by Fran, is an Italian culinary school specialist. Fran offers a variety of classes, including Italian cooking classes. These include three types of pasta classes as well as a Sunday lunch program, a lesson on devilish desserts, and a stunning biscotti course.

With this solid Italian tradition and a birthplace within the Provincia di Chieti, Abruzzo, Fran has been surrounded by Italian food throughout her life. Growing up in Italy, as well as with an Italian mother, grandmother, and a host of aunties, Fran is able to master traditional Italian cooking techniques from first-hand experience.

Furthermore, Fran has spent significant time in Abruzzo with well-known chefs, having worked for more than 25 years in the industry of restaurant. She believes in following her passion and sharing it with cooks eager to learn and experiment with new recipes.

Everyone Can Cook has had many positive reviews on their site, proving that her classes put her students in a better position to feel comfortable at the kitchen table and make fresh and innovative meals. It is located at the intersection of McCombe Avenue and Tangney Cres. Samson, Everyone Can Cook is very accessible to everyone.

Fran’s Pasta 1 class is very special, giving ordinary cooks the opportunity to gain knowledge from an Italian professional on how to prepare fresh, authentic pasta and delicious sauces.

Traditional homemade pasta, agnolotti, and lasagna are the main focus of this particular class. In addition the Fran’s Pasta 2 class has a ravioli, fettuccini and gnocchi and her 3 4th pasta class is focused on Farfalle tortellini, cannelloni and farfalle.





It is evident the fact that Fran has experience in every pasta type and has a great deal of experience in these areas, which means there’s a lot to learn from her! Apart from that, Fran offers Italian ‘Devilish Desserts’ and beautiful Biscotti’ to please loved ones and relatives at holiday events or to enjoy while sipping a cup of coffee.

Alongside Fran’s fascinating cooking classes for pasta, Everyone Can Cook has videos available on their site. These videos highlight some of the projects Fran has done, which you can complete at your home!

Furthermore, Everyone Can Cook is an all-week tour of Italy for people who are seeking to discover and embrace Italian food traditions. With the focus being on the Abruzzo region, it is believed that traditional Italian families still produce their sausages, wine, olive oil, and more.

The itinerary also includes six nights of accommodation in a restored palace within a medieval town, four distinctive Italian cooking classes, including a wine tasting, dinner pairing, and excursions to local food producers. This includes:

  • A press for olive oil that is organic
  • Salami maker
  • A tour of the Adriatic coast
  • Truffle hunting
  • CCheesemakerMatters of Taste

Matters of Taste has taught over 70,000 people since 1997 and specializes in teaching individuals the skills required to cook delicious fresh meals at home. Matters of Taste solves the dinner-time dilemma by showing clients how to make use of fresh ingredients to cook delicious and healthy meals.

Offering a variety of culinary tours, including cooking classes, corporate events, and free recipes, Matters of Taste certainly is among the best places to visit in Perth. Matters of Taste’s selection of live cooking classes that offer hands-on experiences and demonstrations, with guest speakers, ordinary cooks can learn from the best chefs.

Classes in cooking include Spanish Tapas, Tastes of Tokyo, New York Nosh intoxicating Thai, Mexican Taste Fiesta, and more. With such a variety of dishes to pick from, each cook will discover their style with Matters of Taste.

The most popular class offered at Matters of Taste is their New York Nosh course, which teaches new cooks methods to cook tasty American snacks. This includes:

  • Buffalo Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese Sauce
  • The Best NYC Cheeseburger
  • House Chopped Salad
  • Fresh Brioche Bun
  • Chilli Tomato Jam
  • Momofuku Milk bar (Caramel) Crack Pie

Since team building in business is becoming more important, Matters of Taste has chosen to make use of their love for food and offer an innovative spin on how teamwork and communication are developed. In the past year, Matters of Taste has hosted more than 2,000 people at corporate gatherings.

Classes for corporate events consist of:

  • Catering for 40 participants. only 8 minutes from Perth CBD
  • All types 3 hours.
  • New aprons with name badges, equipment, and other items for everyone

Alongside Matters of Taste’s cooking classes and corporate events and culinary tours for exquisite food experiences are available.

Tracey, the founder and owner of Matters of Taste, has been organizing and hosting food experiences all over Australia as well as New Zealand for the past decade. When traveling with Tracey, you’ll be capable of learning from food producers, chefs, and experts.

The tours offered with Matters of Taste are personalized and provide exclusive access to the heart of food production as well as the process of production.

Last but not least, Matters of Taste has a blog that is informative on their website and lets customers keep up with all the advice and information from their instructors and also involves them in health and diet discussions, and so on.

The best culinary school to attend in Perth

ILocating the best cooking classes can be difficult initially because there are so many choices to take into consideration.

After a thorough review of the top four cookery schools available in Perth, you’re in a good place to not only resolve the issue of what to cook for dinner but also to improve your cooking skills, build bonds with family and friends, and discover your love to cook at one of these amazing schools located in Perth.

Perhaps your new skills could get you a job at some of the top cafes in the area or eateries!

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