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If you’re a local or visiting the amazing Adelaide city, Adelaide you’d be wasting your time by not checking out the bustling dining scene. Adelaide has a fantastic variety of delicious dishes from a wide range of the best of the world’s food cultures.

There’s a better way to give your loved ones and friends a gift than taking your guests to some of downtown’s most popular eating spots. Whatever style of food you like, there’s something fantastic available.

If you’re starving and want to discover something new and exciting to take in Adelaide, the South Australian capital, then look at our list of the top 5 local eateries in Adelaide!


Andres Cucina

Andre’s Cucina is the best Italian eating experience you can enjoy located in Adelaide, and it’s simple to understand the reason. The restaurant’s focus is on elegant but casual and fun dining, giving you the most enjoyable experience possible in Italian cuisine.

Andre’s emphasis on premium ingredients prepared by top-of-the-line chefs aims to provide guests with an experience top-of-the-line. The restaurant is proud of its ability to offer an unforgettable dining experience that includes the real sights, sound, and (most importantly) flavor of local Italian cuisine.

The restaurant follows an underlying philosophy that helps the restaurant to prepare fresh and easy-to-eat dishes that are true to their local Italian origins. Andre’s is committed to respecting the history behind their food by using its historical context to showcase numerous talented chefs based on the most popular recipes.

Italian cuisine is one of the most popular and replicated across the globe. Because of its popularity, Andre’s is aware that it has to stand out by serving authentic Italian food that puts others in the same category to shame.



Andre’s is a family-friendly restaurant that is focused on serving high-quality meals and beverages in a way that is intended to be shared. Fresh, fresh produce, top-quality wine, and coffee, along with their famous polenta, keep guests returning for more.

Andre and his team of chefs determine each day what they’ll cook and serve based on seasonality and freshness of their ingredients. They are also mindful of any special dietary needs guests may have.

The restaurant is unique in that, while it offers menus, it does not discourage customers from using the menus. Instead, the restaurant wants customers to relax and allow the kitchen to decide what dishes to prepare for them.

The menus are constantly updated, and the majority of them won’t be printed on a menu. The best way to enjoy them is to inspire the imagination of chefs. With their kitchen garden near Adelaide Hills, the kitchen garden is close by. Adelaide Hills, the ingredients are always fresh.

It isn’t easy to find better than Andre’s for traditional Italian cuisine in Adelaide. Their combination of passion and ingenuity has made them a top choice in our full ten list!

Georges on Waymouth

The restaurant was established in 2002 by George and Voula Kasimatis 2002; Georges, located on Waymouth, has since gained an image of serving fresh, seasonal food and exceptional service in a refined and classic European setting.

The restaurant is located in the center of Adelaide CBD; George’s is an absolute crowd-pleaser for residents as well as their numerous international guests. Strive for excellence in every aspect of their services. The restaurant is sure to bring to mind thoughts of what the ideal dining experience should be.

The décor is elegant with an elegant, clean style. Tablecloths made of linen, wooden floorboards, and high ceilings combine to create a spacious and expansive dining space.

With a clear Mediterranean influence, Geo rge’s menu incorporates a variety of seasonal ingredients paired with delicious food items. Favorites such as morcilla, rhubarb, scallops, and Pumpkin puree can all be made use of.

Georges at Waymouth has been awarded numerous awards for its cuisine, including two for the best European restaurant. The sophisticated aesthetics paired with the finest food will leave even the most hard-core critics satisfied.



With a focus on the quality of services and food, Georges leaves no room for error in the service provided by its staff. The front-of-house and kitchen staff are chosen to be experts in the field of hospitality. They excel in every aspect of their work.

The menu, created by chef Jon Kimber, is highly refined and focuses on getting the most value from the fresh, local products readily available. Jon’s concentration on detail ensures that diners get food that is, if not quite perfect.

Georges also offers an extensive wine selection that comes from the top wineries both locally as well as internationally. Alongside their food, their wine selection is perhaps the most excellent thing available at Georges.

It doesn’t matter if you’re eating out for the best first date or celebrating a family birthday dinner; the award-winning Georges team is sure to amaze you with their superiority. Both in terms of service and food, Georges will transport you to a surreal dining experience.

Botanic Gardens Restaurant

Its Botanic Gardens Restaurant The Botanic Gardens Restaurant is an award-winning heritage dome, which is situated within the magnificent Adelaide Botanic Gardens. It has stunning views of the pond and gardens, paired with a modern, fresh design. This is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful restaurants in Adelaide.

The dining room’s location creates an unforgettable dining experience in the midst of the sights and sounds of the botanical gardens. The natural browns and earthy greens provide a freshness that’s only matched by the food.

The absolutely stunning restaurant is run by Paul Baker, a highly well-known chef of modern Australian cuisine. The menu changes frequently and focuses on seasonal foods that are grown ethically and are environmentally sustainable.

It is believed that the South Australian produce, vegetables, and other herbs are sourced from the kitchen garden, which covers 51 hectares and is harvested every day. To reduce food waste to the greatest extent feasible, Botanic follows a philosophy of “garden to plate.”

The menu is balanced and includes an incredible selection of fresh ingredients that are available at the restaurant. The diners will be delighted by the vibrant and tasty dishes that are served.

The Botanic restaurant was awarded both Adelaide’s Best Restaurant and Chef of the Year in 2017. The personnel at Botanic are thrilled to serve one of the top dining establishments in Adelaide. When you’ve finished your meal and are able to take to the surroundings, you’ll be able to see why they’re so popular.

The menu of drinks includes the best local, national, and international options. Beverages, wines, and botanically inspired cocktails are blended using ingredients that are sourced directly from the garden. Customers love the restaurant’s version of Botanic Blond beer.

The staff is professional, friendly, and informed about the special menu options. There’s a huge selection of delectable options that will make you wonder about the things you’ve yet to taste.



In addition to the highly coveted awards, the unrivaled atmosphere of the garden, and the distinctive flavors, it’s no wonder that it is that the Botanic Gardens Restaurant is so well-loved by Adelaide residents. It’s definitely a top option for those looking to experience something different in a setting that is unrivaled by beauty.

Social Street S2

Social Street S2 is the most iconic Thai street food establishment located in Adelaide and is the king of the crowd for a few really good reasons. The intimate restaurant is situated at the foot of one of Adelaide’s oldest streets and is located near The Havelock Hotel.

The place is brimming with cuisine, culture, and a passion for customer service; Social Street is a popular spot for residents. The staff is a bunch of people-pleasers with a love of hospitality and the highest standards of customer service.

Their specialties include Thai street foods; Social Street makes no grand claims about the quality of their food. Social Street is all about simple, delicious, and filling meals that bring families of friends and families together.

Social Street knows that many customers have had the pleasure of trying Thai food and were shocked by the amount of spice it had. The restaurant offers a rating system that ranges from none of the heat to extremely hot and even more.

The restaurant serves a stunning menu with many of the most delicious Thai dishes that you should explore. There’s a new favorite that is waiting to be found by all who dine at this restaurant.

With a particular focus on the best quality fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruits, Social Street makes consistently incredible meals every time. Their open kitchen allows guests to look around at the process and watch their food being cooked right in the kitchen in front of them.

The idea behind Social Street is reflected in its name. It is to offer a fun and social street food experience within an environment of comfort in their cozy and welcoming restaurant. They realize that life is full of stress and will ensure that you’re at ease throughout your time. Please take a seat at their restaurant.

Social Street isn’t trying to be anything other than it already is. Still, it seeks to attract ordinary people who recognize the value of a welcoming as well as intimate experience. Simple cooking using fresh ingredients results in meals that are hearty and filling, as well as delicious.

Social Street has partnered together with UberEats; Social Street makes it simple for people who are a fan of food to have it delivered for delivery to their homes. They are aware of how addicting their food can be and that customers are likely to want to try it again, all from the comfort of their own homes.

Social Street has a lot of good things to offer. If you’re looking for a cozy, comfortable, enjoyable, and delicious eating experience, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something more amazing than Social Street S2.

Golden Boy

Golden Boy is a contemporary Thai restaurant located on the eastern side of Adelaide and the recipient of numerous food and service awards throughout the city. The restaurant is dedicated to creating an authentic Thai food experience that conveys the authentic tastes of traditional Thai cuisine.

The menu is intended to be shared by medium-sized to large groups of family and friends. Golden Boy serves its signature “Tuk Tuk” menu that completes the dining experience with desserts.

The welcoming and well-trained wait staff serve diners their entire menu. They also make particular note of any diet preferences. Tuk Tuk’s Tuk Tuk package takes into the requirements and promptly serves guests top-quality food that is well-suited to their preferences.

Golden Boy uses the absolute freshest ingredients that are seasonal and makes their homemade sauces. The sauces and condiments are made at home with a great focus on the details.

The drink menu is carefully selected to go with the Thai food while also offering the top South Australian wines, including the best of the most sought-after wines in Australia. The menu is focused on traditional Thai but still allows for a few modern-day flavors to enthrall their patrons.

The decor inside is comfortable and spacious, with a distinct aesthetic style. The minimalist design oozes an elegant and contemporary look while including enough elements to signal that it’s Thai.

Which Adelaide restaurant do you plan to make an effort to visit?

Although each restaurant serves different food options and experiences, they all have basic elements that make great eateries. Their dedication to fresh and natural ingredients, as well as seasonal variations in cooking and a warm, welcoming atmosphere, make great dining places in Adelaide.

It’s definitely a difficult choice for anyone to choose from as all the options sound fantastic, and you’d be foolish to try the different options. Gather your family and friends together and head on a trip to any of these five most popular eateries in Adelaide to enjoy a memorable night of fun and food.

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