Is bottled water a ridiculous product we’re paying for?

Does bottled water actually have a positive effect on you, or is it an absurd product that just wastes our money? Here’s an honest assessment of bottled water and the reasons the sales of it are on the rise in Australia.

The majority of Aussies have started to quit soft drinks and juices and are drinking more water. The consumption of bottled water has significantly grown with the advent of the revolution in health. Many people still wonder whether bottled water is actually beneficial or just a silly product that we’re paying for.

The increasing popularity of bottled water

In Australia, people are buying bottled water in record amounts.



According to Roy Mogan, about 27 percent of the Australian population drank bottled water at any time during 2015. The most popular brand thus to date has been Mount Franklin, which is manufactured through Coca-Cola Amatil and consumed by 40% of bottled water drinkers. The other well-known brand is a household name, Coles Natural Spring Water, consumed by 14% of people, and Pump Pure Water, which is consumed by 12.8 percent of Australian residents.



The entire industry of bottled water is growing rapidly and is worth $736 million, IBISWorld declares in their market study. Beyond that, revenues in the Bottled Water segment in Australia amount to $1,042 million as of the year 2018 and are projected to grow by 3.1 percent until 2021, as per

What is the water you are buying

In general bot, bottled water is more expensive than gasoline for your vehicle. When you compare it with the normal tap water that you can get at home, bottled water is 180,000 percent more costly. What are you actually paying for? There are two kinds of water bottles: purified spring water and spring water.

  • The spring water is sourced from underground sources by a subterranean borehole. The top market players we’ve listed above are in this class.
  • Water purified typically comes from mains or rainwater.

It’s up to you to determine what will best suit your budget and needs.

How much water do you need to consume

The study on the Australian website shows that we need to drink around 4 percent per day. This is about 4% of the body’s weight every day. In the case of the average Aussie, this amounts to approximately 3.15 liters. It is typical to get around 20% of our water from food items. Therefore, it is recommended to consume 2-2.5 liters of water that is pure daily (more when exercising and during hot temperatures). If you’re following a diet and wish to find out what amount of water you drink in order to shed weight, You can discuss the matter with an expert in the diet.



However, water isn’t a source of any calories and is suggested by the Dietitians Association of Australia as the most effective option. Choose safe water and follow the advice not to cause any injury to yourself or your body.

What is it that makes bottled water costly?

The price of bottled water is comprised of a variety of primary elements: bottling packaging, transportation, and bottling. One of the biggest components of the pie that costs money is marketing. There are a lot of television advertisements and marketing campaigns targeted at people of all ages who think that only bottled water is truly “natural” and “pure.”

Does bottled water really have a good health value?

In certain countries in the world where the water quality isn’t sufficient, it is not advisable to purchase bottled water for drinking. In the northern and eastern regions of Australia, the water supply is subject to one of the strictest rules anywhere in the world.

It is, therefore, secure to drink water from the tap. In fact, the rules for tap water are stricter than those imposed by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) for other drinks and beverages, making drinking tap water much safer than drinking bottles of water.

Therefore, tap water of poor quality is only a problem in specific regions. This leads to a greater dependence of this region on the purchase of bottled water. It is anticipated that the growth in population will lead to an increase in the use of bottled water for consumption at home,  and its sales will continue to increase.



Marketing trends and good quality can have a major influence on consumers. Consider the aspects outlined above and choose which is best for you. Ask a dietician for advice if you want to lose some weight, and receive professional advice on how much water you should drink throughout the day. Maintain your health and look after your body!

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