The best team building activities for foodies

There’s no need to worry about awkward painting with your boss or those dreaded icebreakers with the account team. If you’re looking to find ways to help your team be more cohesive, you don’t have to settle for boring, monotonous and boring activities for icebreakers. If you have a group of foodies who enjoy eating out, are interested in taking a risk, and love to experiment with their taste buds, here are some great ideas for activities to build a team spirit that is guaranteed to be a hit in your workplace.

Why bother? There are many advantages to bringing colleagues together for a project that isn’t their normal work. Making time to develop relationships within your company will result in better team morale, greater productivity, and enhanced communication abilities.

Taste a sample

If your team has to sing, it could also be over ice cream. Messina provides the most special group-building opportunity in the shape of a masterclass in appreciation for gelato. It’s like a mix together of a science class and a class in making gelato. In addition to learning how to create gelato and tasting every flavor, etc., the group leaves with tubs full of gelato that they can take home and share with colleagues (or the rest of us).

If you’re looking to treat your employees to gelato, then this Messina Creative Department offers a taste experience unlike any other. The intimate space is perfect for small groups with only eight seats and goes from one gelato-based dish to the next, offering sweet and savory tastes.

Take an excursion on the road.

There’s nothing better than getting into the car and putting all your worries at the door while on a drive. Feel as if they’re OOO by taking a trip away from the city to the oldest wine region. Go to the Hunter Valley, and you’ll be immediately reset when you are within the country, breathing in fresh air. There are a variety of ways to experience the Hunter Valley. Still, one of our favorites is to have dinner at the top local restaurants like Amanda’s at the Edge or experience a local wine tour. With the food and the landscape, you’re sure to be back in a good mood.

Host an event

Grazing boards are in fashion, and picnics are the ideal option to make things more informal. Choose a park nearby and create your buffets by adding fruits, cheese, charcuterie, as well as chopped veggies. Increase the comfort level by putting cushions and rugs on the floor or placing them in a barbecue area and setting up tables for tressels for those who prefer standing.

Learn something new.

Nothing can bring people together as taking a class to learn new skills. Cooking classes can be a wonderful method to pass the time while working on your skills to work in a group. Learn how to cook pasta from scratch, learn techniques for cake decoration, or explore the flavors of a cuisine from another country. There are master chefs in you, or if some of your colleagues have never set into the kitchen before cooking class, it will involve you all working in tandem to create a harmonious outcome. Of course, you’ll get to take bread out and eat it together afterward.



Take a walk

Build up your appetite and keep your heart rate up while you walk along the picturesque Sydney coast with your friends. Take a walk between Bronte and Bondi while brainstorming ideas for new ideas and enjoying the sights while you walk. The walk will be well worth it once you reach Bondi and take a bite at one of the most acclaimed restaurants this beachside town offers. It’s time to return to the office with the euphoria of exercise and fresh air and with a new perspective on life and work.

Lunch with an eye

Get the team together and travel to the city’s tiniest suburb, which is the most beautiful hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Cottage Point is a picturesque area of Sydney that feels far away despite being just 40 minutes away from the CBD. If you’re planning a day trip, here, you’ll be able to find a Cottage Point Kiosk, the ideal spot to replenish your energy after a day of exploring. It is attached to the kiosk with the possibility of hiring a boat if you want to venture across the waterways to get an entirely different view.

Do it to benefit the good cause.

If your team finds it difficult to find significance, you can dedicate your team’s time to building and helping others. Make a feast and serve your delicious dishes to people who need it. This recipe is ideal for those who have culinary expertise. However, those less skilled can assist as well. You can get the “helper’s high,” which gives you a boost of energy in the course of completing the task of someone else. This positive deed-related phenomenon can also be a fantastic way to relieve stress and boost the quality of your life.

Get your hands dirty.

Cut down on your carbon footprint by establishing an organic food garden with your family. You’ll be able to collaborate, plan, and plan your garden, generating an environment of accountability and dedication from every participant. You’ll reap the benefits of your efforts when your garden is ready for harvest. In the event that you do not have the space at your workplace, find a nearby community garden that you can use.

Order in

If you’re not able to spare the time (or the money) to leave your office, consider top-quality food and catering for your corporate event and organize some workplace tasks. Transform your boardroom into an arena for games and let your colleagues compete against each other in physical and mental tasks. Allow your team to play with their children as they let their competitive nature run rampant. From brain teasers and puzzles to karaoke, charades, and Scavenger hunts, There are endless possibilities. The main goal is to give everyone the chance to relax and have a blast.

Prepare for high-fives instead of eye-rolls as you present your most drool-worthy ideas at work. Even Jim from HR will be unable to resist these yummy meals.

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